puppies for sale in pa

Puppies for Sale in PA

Puppies for Sale in PA

Ridgewood Kinzers
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Kinzers, PA 17535
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puppies for sale

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Skunk Odor Remover

Skunk Odor Remover



Skunk Odor Remover

Skunk Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover 32oz


Product Overview:

NATURE’S MIRACLE® is the go-to option for pet owners looking to remove stubborn skunk odors.. The powerful, bio-enzymatic formula neutralizes skunk odors by breaking down oils found in skunk spray, effectively removing odors from directly-sprayed pets. It eliminates odors on bedding and clothing that have come into contact with a skunked pet as well. This product should be used on pets, carpets, hard surfaces, clothing kennels, and carriers for skunk-related odors.

How it works:

Skunk Remover breaks down the toughest skunk odors. In contrast to many products on the market that may simply mask or cover up odors with perfumes or scents.  The bio-enzymatic formula works effectively in breaking down and neutralizing skunk oils. It permanently eliminates many unpleasant smells. This product works best when given time to dry naturally. That can occasionally take a few weeks. Pets need to air dry before bathing.

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AA Ridgewood Kennels II, LLC, in business since 1973 is happy to bring you cute, healthy puppies with a Lifetime Warranty and all of their puppy shots completed. Ridgewood is inspected and approved by the PA Department of Agriculture. As well as puppies we offer a wide variety of pet supplies, for your dog, cat and small animal needs. We are proud to offer good quality pet supplies from all your favorite brands and companies! It is recommended that you talk to your vet before using a pet health product or supplement. Please never leave any pet unattended with chew treats or toys.


Additional information

Weight2.0000 lbs
Dimensions3.0000 × 3.0000 × 10.0000 in

Product categories


Stop Puppy Mills!

Ridgewood Puppies

Healthy Paws Partner

Ridgewood Puppies is a Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Partner.  We strongly recommend Pet Insurance.  As your puppy grows up and ages, things can happen along the way.  Young puppies are very curious and will often find themselves in troublesome situations, older dogs – are just that.  They age an average of 7 years to our 1.  By the time they are 7 years old they are almost 50 in people years and the chances are if you’re 50, you’ve been to the doctors office at least once or twice in your life for something expensive. Vet bills can be very expensive.  A broken tooth extraction or simple broken bone will average 700 dollars.  Healthy Paws signup costs average around 34 dollars monthly. You will need it eventually and the younger they are when you sign them up, the less it costs.  

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puppies for sale
puppies for sale

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