Corgipoo Puppy For Sale – Latte, Female – Deposit Only


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Corgipoo Puppy For Sale – Deposit ONLY

Corgipoo Puppy For Sale in PA

Latte, Female Corgipoo Puppy For Sale in PA – Deposit ONLY


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Breed: Corgipoo (Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Toy Poodle)
Sex: Female
Birthdate: 5/28/18
Color: Brindle
Estimated Adult Weight: 14-18 pounds

Location: Shrewsbury (717) 235-2205
 Siblings: Espresso (Kinzers) / Mocha (Shrewsbury)

This is only a DEPOSIT to reserve a puppy, so please call for FULL PRICE.


Latte, Female Corgipoo Puppy For Sale, goes home with:
Lifetime Puppy Warranty
Puppy Shots Completed
2 De-Wormings Completed


*Please read the following before you place a deposit on one of our Corgipoo Puppies For Sale


Dear Prospective Puppy Owner,

First of all, thank you for searching our puppies! We encourage our customers to stop in our store for a visit before placing a deposit on a puppy for sale. It is very important to us that you find the right puppy for you, and that our puppies go to the right home for them. This being most important to us is also why we give a lifetime warranty and send every puppy home with all of their puppy shots completed.

Besides placing a deposit in store or over the phone, another option we give is to purchase a hold on a puppy online because we are aware that some people may decide after hours that they want a specific puppy and are unable to make it into our store. Also, some customers may be more comfortable paying online than over the phone. So please read the following information very carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the puppy you are interested in or your purchase.


Best Wishes,
Holly Young
AA Ridgewood Kennels II, LLC


Ridgewood’s Online Deposit Terms:

*RIDGEWOOD DOES NOT SHIP PUPPIES. When you place this Corgipoo puppy for sale in your cart and submit your order, you are placing a NON-REFUNDABLE* deposit on this puppy so most importantly, you are purchasing a hold on a puppy and not a physical product. We subtract this deposit from the final price of the puppy and when you check out, you must provide a telephone number or email where you can be reached within 24 hours (probably 1-2 during business hours) for details on when you can pick the puppy up, the balance to be paid, etc.


*DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason, but are transferable. Customers can see our puppies in Kinzers and Shrewsbury, during business hours. Since customers can purchase a puppy in person, if a customer purchases the puppy in the time it took to process your purchase online, your deposit will be refunded. A $200.00 deposit holds the puppy for 7 days and if a puppy is not to your liking at the time of visitation, your deposit can be transferred towards a future puppy within the first 7 days.


This credit for a future puppy is good for life. After seven days, a deposit you make online is final and not transferable. If we must hold the puppy longer than seven days, we will ask you to call or come in to place another payment to keep the hold on the puppy.


Lastly, please call us at 610-873-7045 (Kinzers) and 717-235-2205 (Shrewsbury) for any questions on our procedures.

Contact Us For Additional Information

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Phone: (717) 235-2205

*Note* Ridgewood Kennels II reserves the right to refuse the sale of any puppy to any current or future consumer at our discretion. If applicable any current deposit will be eligible for refund.

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